i'm always open to new project commissions!  Here are some I've done in the past.  Let me know if there is a special commission you need and i'll see if it's something i can do AND IWILLGIVE YOU A PRICE QUOTE FOR YOUR PROJECT.

ABOVE: Coloring page mural for a convention

ABOVE: Painted wooden puzzle box                                                    One of my paintings made into a puzzle

ABOVE: Large cardboard figures commissioned for a dance                                    Painted rocks - ask to see more

Acrylic paintings

Art curriculum and consulting/curriculum planning

Cutting boards, platters, bread and charcuterie boards

ABOVE: Outdoor murals- hand painted on plywood with weather resistant paints. 

LEFT: Mural at Golden Rainbow Ranch in FL. Made from two sheets of 4 x 8" plywood.    RIGHT: Mural made from a series of 4 x 8" sheets of plywood secured together on the outside of a building.